The concept of Agafil Bathroom Unit was a result of discussions with specialits from multiple industry branches that our product can be applied. Thanks to that we can meet investors expectations in terms of tightness, higine and construction stability. Our units are resistant to distortion and twist of walls when applied to wooden houses.

Bathroom units allign with just-in-time strategy. Built by experts and for exprets using only attested and certified componets ensuring top quality and durability. Our product is secure and easy to maintenance.

All mains connections (electricity, water and sewege system) are located in one place allowing to install, connect and begin using Bathroom Unit within 1 hour after arrival at construction site.

Main advantages of Agafil Bathroom Units:
- investor resource saving: up tp 50% material, storage and labor costs.
- time saving: bathrooms are ready within 60 min after arrival.
- Concept innovation providing high higene, durability and ease of clenaing.
- Resistant to distortion and twist of walls when applied to wooden houses.

Applicaiton possibilities:
- holiday cabins, both new ones and for already built as an extention.
- Camping sites
- motels and hostels
- social and office containers
- construction sites
- sites of natural disasters as an instant remeady for victims


Published on  September 4th, 2013